The Portland City Council approved the Portland-Mutare Sister City relationship December 18, 1991 and as a non-profit organization, PMSCA has worked to promote good will and the exchange of ideas, goods, culture and friendship between the people of Portland, Oregon and Mutare, Zimbabwe. We strive to learn from our differences, celebrate our similarities and nurture our interconnectedness.

Since 1991, citizens from Portland and Mutare have made trips back and forth, learning from and working with each other. Our group has sent computers, partially covered teacher salaries, mailed 1200 eyeglasses, built a clinic, funded 2 ambulances, helped fund a car for rural hospice health outreach, funded a mother’s shelter, clothing, textbooks, toys, school supplies, generators, musical instruments, sports uniforms, phones, heaters, radios, school fees, plus so much more. Recently, we agreed to fund bed pans and wheelchairs for hospice patients and funding for materials that deaf students will use to make and sell feminine products.

By building a network of committed citizens in both cities, we have established an amazing level of trust, empathy and mutual support that transcends the country’s larger troubles. As Portland citizens, we can take pride in this work. We know that our city is a real partner with our neighbors in Zimbabwe, sharing a belief that together we can make progress in fighting AIDS, strengthen the educational and healthcare ties of our nonprofit sectors, and keep hope alive in the myriad ways that caring citizens have always done. Portland has never had a better opportunity to deliver on our reputation as a caring, solutions-rich people. With the entire world watching, we can help build on the steady accomplishments to date, and demonstrate why Portland’s reputation for generosity of spirit and resources is so richly deserved.